Super Yacht Master exam eligibility changes

The big changes affecting superyacht crew look at Yachtmaster are:

50 % of qualifying sea time must be on vessels between 8 to 24m

All qualifying passages must be on vessel less than 24m.

Seatime on a vessel over 500t does not count.

Vessels for seatime must be relevant to exam,(eliminating many tenders seatime)

There is also the need that 50% of seatime must be in tidal waters.

The eligibility criteria for candidates looking for yachtmaster exams has been changed and reinforced. This is in response to MCA requirements and yachting industry demands.

This has just made achieving yachtmaster offshore power more difficult and potentially expensive.  Big commercial RYA schools appear not to be informing people of the changes which impact on career plans.

Over 80% of all yachtmaster qualifications are commercial certificates. These  are RYA /MCA certificates of  competence that the holder can skipper a vessel up to 200t  with 12 guests onboard.

There has been concern in the yachting industry that the qualification is also used as a benchmark for deckhands who may have many ocean crossings but minimal command experience other than driving the fast tender.

There is nothing more concerning in a yachtmaster prep week than to find the candidates have little skippering or boat handling experience. While these skills can be taught. It is unreasonable to expect to turn up for 5 days without the skills or relevant experience and walk away with a licence to skipper a 200t vessel.

Let us work with you to make the Yachtmaster qualification you required.

It is now recommended by the RYA that candidates complete the coastal skipper and coastal yachtmaster exams before embarking on the yachtmaster offshore program. This can all be achieved in a season with proper planning and guidance.

We are planning to offer a comprehensive yachtmaster program to make sure superyacht crew gain the experience and sea miles for exam success. 

We will be using our bases in Barcelona and the Clyde, Scotland to deliver the required tidal mix.

The eligibility criteria

Yachtmaster eligibility check list
key issues 50% of setime in tidal
50 % of seatime on vessels less than 24m
no seatime on vessel over 500t counts
qualifing passages must be on vessel less than 24m. minimum 60nm
Yachtmaster Coastal total tidal 8-24m tidal 8-to 24m
seatime 800 400 400 200
days on board 30 15 15 8
skipper  days 2 1 2 1
night hours 12 6 6 3
Yachtmaster Offshore total tidal 8-24m tidal -to24m
seatime 2500 1250 1250 625
days on board 50 25 25 13
qualifing passages 5 3 5 3
skipper  days 5 3 5 3
qualifiing passage skipper 2 1 2 1
night hours 12 6 6 3

boat handling yachtmaster prep Barcelona.
boat handling yachtmaster prep Barcelona.

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