We are now offering a range of courses customised to the demands of professional yacht crew seeking to develop skills and careers. These are intended to enhance your spirit of adventure and cruising skills while continually gaining qualifications.

We have taught professional crews from over 30 nationalities to achieve success in their RYA exams. Our multinational group of instructors are dedicated to your success.
Small class sizes and personalised tuition is our guarantee.

our instructors are fluent in multiple languages and we can organise specialise nautical language courses if required.

We will only take people to a yachtmaster exam who are at the level. there is no merit in cramming for the exam. We have a different approach to the process which is broken down as follows.

RYA Yachtmaster

We have developed a program to assist yacht crew achive their theory and practical exams, be it day skipper or Yachtmaster. We are bringing together the best of the RYA courses with interactive learning materials and online support. These will supported by tutorials and classes. the concept is to allow you to gain the theory knowledge at your own pace but with support. We know how difficult it is to achieve success in the exams on your own. Call us for details. We have developed an online library of articles and videos which can help your learning experience.

Exam resources

Online resourses

Yachtmaster Preparation

Skills assessment weekend to see your level and identify areas which need reinforcing

Skill development plan foro each individual.

Final Yachtmaster exam prep for 4 days.

Yachtmaster Exam

This approach allows you to work on the skill areas which need to be developed before sitting the assessment exam. We know how important the RYA / MCA Master 200t is to your career. Get Yourself well prepared.

Course details:

Coastal Skipper – Coastal Yachtmaster Course

Yachtmaster Theory Course

Ocean Yachtmaster

We are working with partners to deliver the Ocean yachtmaster theory by a combination of distance learning and tutorials along with online support. Call us for details.

We can help you prepare for your Ocean Yachtmaster assessment when ready. We may also be able to organise qualifing voyages.

Contact us for guidance on any of the courses or to discuss you plans

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