The best anchorages in Menorca

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Cala Pedrera
Situated in the Port de Maó and in front of Illa de Llazaret, it is one of the quietest coves. You can stay at its white sanded beach and enjoy various sports activities nearby.
Cala Trebalúger
It is one of the best anchorages in Menorca that is exposed to the southern winds and is completely free of any building developments.  It features fine, white sandy beach and a fresh water stream that flows to the sea.
Cala Pous
Apart from being very good cove for anchoring, it is also suitable for scuba diving, as there are various sank ships in its vicinity. As it features no beach, it is a very quiet place with hardly any swimmers. It is, without a doubt, the best anchorages in Menorca to go diving to.
Cala en Porter
If you intend to anchor at night, it is advisable to do it close to the beach as this place is exposed to the southern winds and when it blows hard it is difficult to sleep. This cove is full of restaurants and other services and as such not the most beautiful, but rather a good place for stocking up on the provisions necessary for the boat trip.
Cala Escorxada
Good place for anchoring as it is exposed to the south wind; it is covered with pine trees and a place with very little tourism. With its fine, white sand beaches and turquoise blue water, it is one of the best anchorages in Menorca relax in, given that you come already equipped with all your provisions, as there are none here.
Cala Morell
Known for its underwater cove with fresh water, you would be able to anchor here but not to stay overnight, as it is privately owned. Its sea bottom is covered with rocks and sand and the waters are crystal clear. It is one of the best anchorage in Menorca as it offers the possibility of visiting prehistoric caves.
Cala Pregonda
Placed in a lovely spot makes this a good place to anchor, but it should be done with utmost care because of the rocks at the entrance to the cave. Nice place for snorkelling. One of its advantages that make it one of the best anchorages in Menorca is the natural swimming pool, at the east point of the cove.
Cala Pudent
Exposed to the north wind, this small cove is ideal to anchor in, as its entrance is one of the biggest ones. It is not accessible from the ground which makes it one of the quietest coves with the least tourism.
Cala Alcafar
This is one of the best anchorages in Menorca due to its lovely fishermen docks, its white houses on one side and its tower, constructed in the XVIII century, on the other. Should you wish to disembark, you may be able to delight in the historic walk along the “Camí de cavalls”. The cove is exposed to the south-east winds.
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