Shorebased Training Courses


Through our professional careers’ we have created innovative personal development and training programs, gaining UK national awards. We have adopted the same approach in building our yacht training activities. We are seeking to go beyond the course syllabus to build your personal confidence and ability to embrace the spirit of yachting. We are a provider of the RYA interactive training for the leisure and professional courses


We tailor our courses to the capabilities and demands of the clients. Be it early stage families to adventurous professionals or relaxed cruising we aim to please. We hope to be able to meet the pace and aspirations with exciting and challenging activities. We offer a comprehensive range of shorebased courses for the leisure and professionals. We have great facilities for the delivery of RYA training programs in Barcelona. We deliver a comprehensive range of courses, ashore,under power and sail together with our friends in multiple locations. Our courses are delivered to meet your individual needs and pace. You want to undertake your theory ccourses with us:
  • We have a highly experienced professional team
  • The class sizes are always small
  • Commitment to your sucess
  • great facilities

Navigation Courses

The navigation courses on offer include: Essencial navigation Day skipper theory Yachtmaster theory Ocean Yachtmaster theory PPR, Personal professional responsability

Other shorebased courses

VHF short range certificate RYA/MCA First aid Engine course Electronic Navigation RYA /MCA Sea survival We organiseRYA/MCA sea survival and STCW courses for those wanting commercial licences We have organised STCW training as required. The key components of the basic training consist of the following: Personal safety First aid Sea Survival Fire training

Online resources

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Interactive courses

Interactive courses

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