The best anchorages in Ibiza

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Cala Jondal and Es Xarco:
Both coves are open to the south. Turquoise water over sand and some seaweed. With gorgeous rocky beaches these coves see many boats during the July and August high season. So if you are seeking peace and tranquility go elsewhere during this period. There are various restaurants in both places. We recommend the beach-bar restaurant Es Xarco to enjoy the best fresh fish on the island, high prices all be it. Also available and commendable for their excellent paella is Yemanja restaurant. For drinks and hip beach scene unlimited, visit Ibiza Blue Marlin Beach Club. If you are the see and be seen “Hello” magazine type, you’ve come to the right place, if not, keep on sailing by.
Port Roig:  
A natural port with excellent protection, exposed only to winds from the south east. An exquisite haven blessed with rare tranquility most of the year. The port is rocky and rugged, with the warm, reddish stone typical of the area, the anchorage is over sand and weed. There’s been limited development thankfully, with little more than a few fishermen’s huts and tasteful homes. As with almost anywhere in the islands, it’s busy with boats in the July, August high season. But outside that period, when it is usually possible to pick up a mooring, it’s undoubtedly one of the most enchanting spots to rest on the island and one of the best anchorages in Ibiza. There are no bars or restaurants in the area which accounts in a large part for the peace and quiet. But you can walk to Es Xarco from Port Roig in ten minutes and find some life there.
Here you are exposed to south and south east winds. One of the singularly most spectacular yet little known anchorages on Ibiza. Boasting unfeasibly clear water and stunning views of the mystical outlying island of Es Vedra, look out for the wild goats and witches here. Anchoring is beneath the cliff face quarry where warm, caramel colored rock was cut to build the Dalt Vila wall in the historic center of Ibiza, the eponymous main town on the island. A seldom frequented yet heavenly anchorage. Atlantis and Port Roig are probably the best anchorages in Ibiza. keep these ones to yourself please!
Cala d´Horts
Exposed here to east winds. A sound, sand anchorage with again good views to the impressive Es Vedra island. Well served for bars and restaurants on the sandy beach.
Cala Vadella
With good shelter from practically all directions, but not advised in strong west winds. This is a small cove with little room to anchor during the high season. Somewhat overdeveloped, this is not isolation anchoring. You’ll find many bars, restaurants and supermarkets for provisioning. Anchoring is over sand, weed and rock.
Cala Conta
Exposed to winds from the west. Arguably, if you can raise the enthusiasm to argue over this, this would be the best anchorage in Ibiza to watch the sunset. With photogenic depth and detail provided by the Bledes Islands and the Isle of Esparto on the horizon, this will provide endless Kodak moments. A clean sand anchorage with the adjoining beach swarming with bathers during the peak summer weeks.
Cala Basa
This cove will catch the north west wind. Once again anchoring is over the most typical Balearic sand and weed. Normally very well protected during the summer months. The northern end of the anchorage is more peaceful being farther from the Beach Club CBBC, although you pay a price having to anchor in 8 to 10 meters of water. Among the best anchorages in Ibiza near San Antonio.
Cala Salada
Exposed only to west winds. This time a mix of rock, weed and sand to anchor in. With great shelter in the summer months in a beautiful natural setting. The proximity to San Antonio makes this a well frequented haunt in the high season though. Take care with rocks on the north side of the bay.
Cala Sardina
Open to the north over a bottom of rock with sand patches. In our opinion the most spectacular anchorage Ibiza has to offer. Anchor between 9 and 13 meters of depth over one of two relatively small sand patches which will accommodate two to three boats only. Cala Sardina is only recommended with a good and stable weather report and experienced crews. The natural amphitheatre provided by the surrounding cliffs is simply breathtaking. Little scope for beach excursions but landing with a dingy is possible at a couple of stone fisherman’s huts. From these huts a precipitous trail for the adventurous and agile only, leads eventually to the village of Santa Inés. This secret spot rewards the more off-the-beaten-track aficionados with absolute peace and a true communion with nature that is not readily found on Ibiza. It’s not for everyone, but if you are in need of stress therapy after a day surrounded by yakking celebrities and pseudo-celebrities at Cala Jondal, this may be your kind of place. You may just reach an earthy nirvana. If this is the case, again, please don’t tell absolutely everyone!
Cala Benirras
Anchoring over sand and weed, you are open to the north east. Beautiful and natural surroundings add ambience to more impressive Balearic sunsets. You’ve access to a couple of restaurants here. With it’s mystical links to the hippy era enjoyed by Ibiza, Benirras still attracts a young, Bohemian, alternative following who bask on the rock ledges to play music and enjoy the same sunsets as you. If you are sailing on the north side of the island this would be the best anchorage in Ibiza to get protection from the north wind.
Cala Xarraca
Exposed to north and north east winds. Anchor over sand with some rocks. A large open and inviting bay with three small beaches. Good anchoring in sand in front of the most southerly of the beaches. Although the most beautiful corner is in the tiny cove in the northern corner of the bay. Have good paellas and fresh fish in pleasant outdoor surroundings at the S’Illot restaurant on the hill above the middle beach, otherwise a peaceful and soulful place to rest.
Cala Portintax
Another natural harbor with the best safe haven on the north of the island. Only exposed to winds from the north. Before excessive development spoiled this beautiful spot, this was one of the best anchorages in Ibiza. You’ll have access to everything a small Balearic town has to offer.

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