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  • RYA ocean yachtmaster

    Southern ocean Mapmakers Apr 25 Vinson continues on her journey to Cape Town at a good pace. One of the many challenges Ocean Yachtmaster students face during this voyage is to find Gough Island in the middle of the South Atlantic. The challenge is to do it as the navigators before us, combining two traditional navigation…

  • guidance on the RYA yachtmaster exam

    How to pass your Yachtmaster exam Chris Beeson September 16, 2015 281shares The global standard of sailing qualifications is achievable for any experienced, competent skipper. Tom Cunliffe explains how to pass your Yachtmaster exam image: The only certificates accepted by the authorities are those issued after an at-sea examination. To become a fully-fledged Yachtmaster,…

  • Get Yachtmaster qualified to be a charter skipper this year!

    Great skipper sailing locations Croatia, Greece,Italy,Ibiza RYA yachtmaster skippers in demand, Get on the professional track We have clients who are looking to recruit young energetic skippers for a season like no other! Or you could have a desk job. We can make sure you get the right RYA qualifications. Are you up to the…

  • Nautical dictionary app

    The Illustrated Boat Dictionary – in 9 Languages An invaluable reference app for sailors and motorboaters cruising or racing in foreign waters.  The Illustrated Boat Dictionary in 9 Languages will enable you to communicate quickly and easily abroad when you need help but can’t speak the language. Helpful explanatory illustrations, arranged by topic, cover a multitude…

  • current weather and met for yachtmaster

  • Yachtmaster theory courses

    The yachtmaster theory courses start 12 October in Barcelona. Limited places. Posted from WordPress for Android

  • Yachtmaster sail prep

    Yachtmaster prep before night sailing. Dinner set at anchorage. Posted from WordPress for Android

  • RYA Ocean Yachtmaster Astro Navigation

    RYA Ocean Yachtmaster Astro Navigation

    Ocean Yachtmaster is more than just a course. The Ocean yachtmaster theory course consists of hands on tools for ocean sailing. Contact for our next course dates. There are several key elements to the theory course: Astro navigation. Everyone gets to borrow a sextant for the duration of the course and for their passage is required.…

  • Video resources engines and maintenance.

    Some essential resources on engine Knowledge for Day skipper and yachtmaster engine and boat checks

  • Yachtmaster power prep course and exams

    Yachtmaster power prep course and exams

    RYA yachtmaster theory course and power exam. Intensive theory course and preparation for the yachtmaster exam. Exams consist of Collision regulations, meteorology and advanced navigation as well as professional responsibility if you want the commercial licence. The theory is then put into practice with navigation and passage planning exercises. You need to be a good…

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