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  • RYA Ocean Yachtmaster Astro Navigation

    RYA Ocean Yachtmaster Astro Navigation

    Ocean Yachtmaster is more than just a course. The Ocean yachtmaster theory course consists of hands on tools for ocean sailing. Contact for our next course dates. There are several key elements to the theory course: Astro navigation. Everyone gets to borrow a sextant for the duration of the course and for their passage is required.…

  • Video resources engines and maintenance.

    Some essential resources on engine Knowledge for Day skipper and yachtmaster engine and boat checks

  • Yachtmaster power prep course and exams

    Yachtmaster power prep course and exams

    RYA yachtmaster theory course and power exam. Intensive theory course and preparation for the yachtmaster exam. Exams consist of Collision regulations, meteorology and advanced navigation as well as professional responsibility if you want the commercial licence. The theory is then put into practice with navigation and passage planning exercises. You need to be a good…

  • Corsica Sardinia milebuilder cruise

    Corsica Sardinia milebuilder cruise

    Sail to Corsica and Sardinia. We are offering a chance for cruising these islands in September once the crowds have gone. The trip is an ideal opportunity for yachtmaster mile building and qualifying passages as skipper. dates 4  to 12 September This is a cruise not an RYA course. Yachtmaster exams follow on 20 September

  • RYA Yachtmaster sail & power course Barcelona Spain.

    RYA Yachtmaster sail & power course Barcelona Spain.

        We run the yachtmaster theory & practical courses and exams for Power and sail every month in Barcelona,Spain. Skippers from over 30 nationalities have trained with us. We have multi lingual instructors from Ireland,UK, Spain,Italy, Germany and Holland. Let us help you pass the exams. Contact us for the schedule

  • RYA yachtmaster power & sail passages

    RYA yachtmaster power & sail passages

    RYA Definition of a Passage for Yachtmaster sail and power exams Qualifying passages for Yachtmaster Ocean and Offshore should be non stop by the shortest navigable route with no change of skipper. Passages such as recognised races which may not comply exactly with these requirements may be submitted to the RYA for approval before the…

  • new yachtmaster criteria

    new yachtmaster criteria

    The big changes affecting superyacht crew look at Yachtmaster are: 50 % of qualifying sea time must be on vessels between 8 to 24m All qualifying passages must be on vessel less than 24m. Seatime on a vessel over 500t does not count. Vessels for seatime must be relevant to exam,(eliminating many tenders seatime) There…

  • Yachtmaster power and sail milebuilders

    Yachtmaster power and sail milebuilders

    Power and Sail Qualifying skipper passages and quality sea miles is going to be essential for RYA yachtmaster exams now. We have some exciting trips in Spain, Italy, Scotland and the English channel to help meet the exam eligibility criteria.

  • RYA Power boat & motor cruiser licence

    RYA Power boat & motor cruiser licence

    RYA courses and licences  for power boating. Get the licence to charter a motor yacht this summer in the sun. Charter boats or own boat tuition available for you and your friends.

  • Col Regs video and apps

    Do you know the col regs. the theory is required for day skipper and yachtmaster as well as you own safety. Look at this and tell us the issues! <iframe width=”854″ height=”510″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/25n2UNGv3y4″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>      

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