The Spirit of Cruising

We believe that it is important to get into the spirit of cruising. you should enjoy the new destination, arrivals’, departures and the journey. It is important to us that you sample the culture, food and friendship. Enjoy the waters!

Our team commitment

We are a family run teaching centre with a commitment to genuine sail training. This is a passion not just a business! The RYA school is built on forty years of yachting and industrial training experience. We are determined to work with you to achieve your maritime goals in an enjoyable way.

The Sense of Adventure

Yachting is all about developing you sense of adventure in a safe and controlled way. You decide the pace of development with us. We can take you through RYA syllabus and enhance it with personal experiences and coaching.

Professional approach

We have a professional approach to all our activities from Start Yachting to Ocean Yachtmaster training, yacht management and the interior skills. Our experience in professional development training has been recognised in UK National training awards. This experiences is being applied to our yachting activities

Relaxed style of continual learning

We have trained many crew from some of the largest most demanding yachts in the world as well as families and school groups.Our family, clients and friends have grown up around our yachting activities. We understand the demands of sailing and the pressures of both leisure and professional courses. Share our experiences to get the best from your        

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